Boy's long hair gives diverse hint

07, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR:  Why don’t you cut your full-grown hairs? This query leaves a temporary taste that is a regular scolding for him. His only answer remains that it is because of the popular fashion trends he has grown his curls covering the brainless head. What if the fashion demands stylish skull hairs! He runs after fashionable dresses and looks under western influence thoroughly.

Days after his growling mother once again warned him for cutting the hairs which were looking like a mushroom on the boy’s head. Even his class teacher has given advice for what his mother was making him follow ardently. Notwithstanding, the boy has developed a strange habit of curling his hairs most of the time.

The feelings of him during flailing fingers into fully fledged hairs remained wonderful. His normal sized index finger kept on moving forwards repeatedly. This naughty act brought an adequate amount of annoyance to all and sundry.

The boy’s parents loved him very much so they always followed a tender way to bring him under their parental terms. The look on his face was never worth noticeable whosoever has viewed him from a distance. Shock, dismay, ugly elation all wrapped in one.

The entire shades of expressions played on his innocent face and he ably continued with a primal growl whenever one requested him to set out for the nearby hair cutting shop. In the meantime, his distant relatives arrived at the big house. Their purpose was for extending the marriage proposal to his elder sister.

He was also present on this special occasion. The guests were curious to have a girl’s glimpse but they were not informed of her absence purposely as she was appearing at pre-medical entrance examination. So his mother asked the boy to appear from rear keeping in view his long hairs. The guests Okayed finally.