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Boys' mortal life loaded with strains

29, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Which one, egg or hen, comes first still remains a big mystery! It is just in the same way the girls get an edge over the boys. They remain the parents’ darling till they are not married and later become Ghar Ki Laxmi after their marriage. This is society’s persisting rule which we are experiencing from the concept of living in the civilised society. Girls are always securing enough attention by their fathers as we are seeing of thespian Anil Kapoor’s caring nature towards his daughter attaining new heights in the filmdom.

We can strongly articulate of this kind of the parental protecting nature everywhere. There is no doubt in this proclivity. Even the girls are sometimes are seen endorsing this point. One girl said her every wish was fulfilled by the father while another girl told of her father’s strong affection for her. This point runs widely among her school friends. This is a good thing for them. Every father loves her daughter because of natural affection. On the other hand, the boys have a different notion of their position in the family. Though the boys also get similar affection from their caring parents, the story remains a little different from the gorgeous girls. They usually are overheard of bemoaning their miserable position.

At the home front, they are severely scolded and disciplined for mending their ways. Not only the father indicts them for poor performance in the school examinations but the mother also criticises them for their misbehaviour more often. They remain disturbed from the school, the parents, the friends and even the neighbourly dogs. They are made to lead a disciplined life on every front. If any mistake occurs by chance, their thrashing is inevitable. Half of their lives end in parents’ wrath and afterwards, they are bound to bear wives’ taunts. Therefore they are poor, wretched souls upon this living planet. It may be owing to this actuality the men have been promised to get the company of heavenly beauties in the hereafter.