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Convassing loses merit after selection

23, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Canvassing is an integral part of the elections. Elections are an inseparable component of democracy. Democracy is a basic element of the government elected by the people. This is what a saner husband was telling to his extroverted wife. She did not understand his points of politics, sociology or philosophy. So, she made an effort for changing the weighty conversation into a lighter vein. She even requested her learned husband to lighten the stressed situation by his funnier stories. Agreeing with her persistence, he made her laugh by one of his regular hilarious jokes.

Finding the hubby’s changed mood she lost no time in raising demand for a fat amount of money in order to buy pieces of jewellery. The husband readily agreed to hand over the required amount. This was somewhat perplexing to her but once she got the money did not indulge in further arguments. Her focus rested on the time for purchasing the yellow metal from the market. In the evening hours, she went to the jewellery shop and brought several pieces of designed rings, bangles, garlands and whatever.

When both of them again sat for dinner, their talk turned to the shopping. She narrated the whole of the story in detail. She even let him know of the discounts she availed on the purchase. The husband heard every point with all the serenity and composure. He did not deem it fit to admire her careful marketing endeavour in a few words. This definitely enraged the wife in good mood. When she pointed a query at him in this regard, he maintained a long silence. Showing her infuriation she reminded him of those days when he did not tire out in admiring her. Upon this condemnation, he spoke in a forceful tone, “The worth of canvassing loses its vehemence after the election.”