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How Crime Patrol helped an innocent child get back his first love

12, Aug 2018 By Vivek .

Bunty was busy doing his never-ending homework when the idea hit him. It was so convincing that he couldn’t hold back his tears. All the pieces of evidence were pointing in one direction and one direction only- that his parents were guilty. He couldn’t believe it, but the series of events flashed before his eyes. It can’t be a mere coincidence. It was all planned from Day 1. Suddenly, a fear gripped him. Is he safe in this house or his parents are plotting against him in their room?

Perhaps, that’s why they don’t allow him to sleep with them anymore so that they can plot against him at night. He knew that getting the truth out of them is not going to be easy, but he knew what needs to be done. After all, he has been watching Crime Patrol since his infant days and now that he was in UKG, his database included 330 cases of different crimes and evidence gathering techniques.

His love
His love

Without wasting any time, he started to gather evidence. To begin with he tried to listen to his parents’ talks after they went to their bedroom. The voice was fumbled, and the evidence was non-conclusive. He knew that time is of the essence and he needs to think something fast. He tried to contact his local informer, his granny, but to no avail. Granny was also caught unaware of the whole plan. Then he decided to take the inquiry head-on and apply third-degree torture to his parents to get the truth out of them. He mustered all the courage he had and told his parents that he won’t have dinner until his parents told him the truth. This turned out to be his checkmate move and his parents got caught in a tough spot. Finally, they were willing to cooperate.

That’s when Bunty asked them the question which has been bothering him day in and day out. The question due to which he was not able to focus on his first love and next-door neighbor Babli for past 2 weeks. “Is Bunty’s tuition teacher giving him so much homework based on their instructions (or their ‘Plan’ as Bunty liked to think of it)”. Initially, his parents denied, but Bunty knew he had to increase the intensity of the torture for them to relent. So, he said that he will have to skip the breakfast tomorrow as well, to get the truth. Exactly at this point in time, his mom burst into tears and accepted her crime. Bunty’s daily mobile gaming habits to impress Babli was getting onto her and finally, she took this hideous path which turned out to be a point of no return. She told him how she requested his tuition teacher to give him extra homework so that he can be occupied and focus on studies rather than playing with Babli whole day.

Bunty knew he had solved the case, and he only had Crime Patrol and Anoop Soni to thank for it.  When Faking News correspondent reached out to Bunty to congratulate him on solving this case, he was very happy to get back his lost love. Babli told our correspondent “Jab dil me ho Bunty, to kya bigaad legi Aunty”. And Bunty’s pearls of wisdom were: “Savdhan rahein, Satark rahein aur dekhte rahein Crime Patrol”.