Tuesday, 19th February, 2019

Dance event turned rerrific

14, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

When young lots were busy in their final examinations, Sapna Nite was planned for an older audience. It has been said that the preparations for that dance programme were not whole. That was why the entrants got irate and forcibly entered into the enclosed place. The police lathi-charge was applied for controlling the rising and falling layers of human bodies. And this led to the stone pelting. As many as one dozen people were injured in police action and stone-showering at the spacious park ground in Kanpur.

The programme had to be stopped abruptly. The site was sufficiently large. In such situation, the fuming crowd would have been tackled by the police ably.

A popular dancer came into the city and the vexed envy roused among the spectators. They turned berserk and then the whole thing was drenched in the fiery form. The Haryanvi performer Sapna Chowdhary tried to drag out the bop but the dancer’s early exit from the stage was undertaken.

The crowd turned hostile and grinned devilishly at perhaps poor arrangements which caused Sunday night-time into the nasty nerve-racking night.

The deliciously redolent ambience was spoiled unexpectedly into a shocking scene. The chairs were frowning upon the organisers’ carelessness. The spectators had to experience a different sort of dance. A free-for-all situation was formed and the big show had to be closed before time. It was nicer to stop as the dancer could not hop in a rhythmic way on the public’s perverted pose at the venue.

What was arranged for enjoyments took a different turn? The spectators gathered to enjoy gyrating moves of the dancer who has earned name and fame following her participation in the Big Boss programme. She got enough popularity through the show. She was supposed to have got a dancing role in the films too.