Dance show judges auditioned based on how much they can cry in a minute

22, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

The latest auditioned took place in Mumbai last week where celebrities from all art forms except dancing were shortlisted for the judge position in an upcoming reality dance

Authors, News Reporters, Stock Brokers, Pornstars, F1 car racers and even astronauts were being called for the test.

The first round was easy, they were asked to write as many stupid adjectives that did not make any sense at all. Authors and Reporters did really well. Unfortunately, Few astronauts had to fly back.

Amongst the few left, they decided to choose top 3 by playing “clap the loudest with shocking expressions”. It was tough for few as their professional background did not teach them shit. Money was heard the loudest.

Going through such tough selection rounds, the three finalists were playing a trick.

They were told that nobody qualified to fit the role. One of them starting crying with real tears.

She was immediately picked! The other cried later on.