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Dangal's collections set to cross the GDP of Pakistan

29, Jan 2017 By Kesaria Vilayati

Mumbai: It is a known fact that Aamir Khan starrer Dangal has become the most successful Bollywood movie of all times. The recent stats show that the movie is just not stopping its money minting status and is creating new records in the film industry every day. However, what has astonished many is the fact that the movie’s total earnings are moving towards a number where the amount will cross the GDP of Pakistan. Analysts predict that if the movie’s collections stay the same for just 2 more weeks, they will cross the total GDP of Pakistan.

Aamir Khan doesn't know how to react.
Aamir Khan doesn’t know how to react.

A trade analyst said, “Earlier, the move industry considered 100 crore collection as a status symbol for the movie. Then, with the brilliant performances of Bhai’s movies, we moved to 200 crores. However, Dangal has raised the bar to a completely new level”. He continued, “Though we feel sorry for our neighbor, we have no option now but to use Pakistan’s GDP figures to evaluate the success of Bollywood movies in the future.”

As expected, the comparison has not gone down well with Pakistan. The High Commissioner to India said, “We fully condemn this assessment. India is inflating the movie’s numbers to embarrass Pakistan. We will raise this issue at the UN”.

The Indian government was quick to rub in. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was ecstatic after hearing this news. In his typical style, he tweeted, “Mhaari movies Pakistan ki GDP se kam hai ke?

With this news, all eyes are now on the movie’s collections in the next few weeks. If the numbers do end up exceeding Pakistan’s GDP, it will be another Dangal for all Indians to remember.