After driving for years on the wrong side of the road, man decides to enter India's Got Talent as a Daredevil

09, Dec 2016 By tejpal singh bedi

Gurugram/ NCR. India has proved it’s mettle in the world time and time again. Among the forefront of people putting their life on the line- are our own brand of daredevils, who do not let mundane things like “traffic rules” hold them back from reaching their destination on time. One such individual is Gurugram resident Ghatak Singh.

"Wrong side is MY right side: My life, My rules", Says Ghatak Singh
“Wrong side is MY right side: My life, My rules”, Says Ghatak Singh

Ghatak’s father proudly remembers that even as a child Ghatak paid no heed to simple rules like attendance or civic sense and was also found partaking in arguments or fights. He was always a go-getter and when things like studies came in between him and passing he fought his way and got the paper leaked.

However this individual now has his sights upon the India’s Got Talent title and claims that it has been long that the nation has treated people with his potential as outcasts. All his life he has been driving his vehicle on the wrong side of the road. Multiple incidence of abuses, fisticuffs and near death experiences could not shake his resolve to stand against the law. GK; as he is fondly called by his single Canada settled cousin claims that he shall no longer live in shadows and plans to be an inspiration to the youth who should follow on his path.

Ghatak though claims that his victories have not come without the unflinching support of the police department. They have never bothered him despite his detractors complaining against him time and again. “Look at them, they call themselves conscious citizens”, he scoffs. “People are plain jealous and just don’t see things my way.”

Ghatak on being enquired about his stunt claims that he will wear a helmet camera and just let his achievements do the talking. He plans to have Renegades and Paaniwali Pani Peyade as his background scores too.