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England Weather in ICC Champions Trophy becomes next big thing in Bollywood: All future “rain dances” sequences will be shot there

16, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Lights, Camera, RAIN and Action!

These are the “4” quintessential paraphernalia when you start shooting for a Bollywood item number but

Taking a sigh of sweat, the HOD of “Singing & Dancing Bandwagon” spoke with FN and couldn’t hold his excitement back. Swiping the perspiration from his head and throwing it on the floor like a “professional spatter” he stated “I was fed up of fake rains; gallon of waters are getting wasted on heroines latke jatkays. Aise kab tak chalta bhai.”

Further, the English People are only accustomed in ruling and don’t understand the professional complexities, technicalities & theorems associated with Bollywood “item numbers”, so there will be a knowledge transfer happening between both the fraternities of choreographers. Intellectual copyrights of “Farah Khan” stomach aching “Sheila Ki Jawani”, “Saroj Khan” salt sprinkled “Nimbooda”, “Prabhudeva” talking about bhartiya sanskaar in “Gandi Baat” and “Ganesh Acharya“ disprin inducing “Tattad Tattad”, all will be transferred in a secret facility situated on the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan as due to recent events in England.

Now, this is how you make a proper Hinglish curry (YUM)!

Author: Nitin Manchanda


Twitter Handle: @Shady_Nitin