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Every house in India is now a shaadi-wala ghar

24, Oct 2018 By Gatha

The latest announcement by Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh about their wedding in November has given rise to a nationwide phenomenon as households begin preparations for the initial functions and rituals. The main function is in Italy, but traveling to a destination wedding demands extraordinary amounts of management.

The post by the couple on their social media accounts led to a whole lot of people beginning to worry about the various arrangements that accompany a big fat Indian wedding. At least this is what could be discerned from the deluge of social media posts which followed shortly after the announcements.

Instead of relatives joking and nudging, it seems they are now making memes.ranveer-singh-promotes-make-my-trip-app--201604-708625

One common concern is which hotel would the couple book. “I am sure it would be Ibibo”, says someone from Deepika’s side. “It is obviously going to be MakeMyTrip! After all, the wedding is in Italy. There is going to be a ‘trip’! They have already hinted at it” someone from Ranveer’s side said.

Amidst the full-fledged preparations, these nationwide “relatives” are making sure no one is missed out from the guest-list. One relative joked that Ranbir would sing “Chana Mereya”. We are yet to receive news whether that relative is going to be invited to the wedding or not, in the light of such comments.

There is also a worry if the couple would choose the same lehenga, in the context of Ranveer’s peculiar fashion sense..

Reports also suggest that some of us would travel to Italy in advance to keep a tab on the preparations there.

The entire nation, clearly, is filled with the couple’s close-relatives. This only leads to us the conclusion that each and every household in the country is going to host the pre-wedding functions. Every house is a shaadi wala ghar. Until the reception is over, the errands and the various concerns would continue. All of us are excited for this destination wedding.

Households in India recently hosted the roka of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, which was indeed a great rehearsal. But the greater rehearsal was the Virushka wedding which everyone attended, and which was also in Italy.