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Fans keenly wait on Salman's bride app

22, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: After ‘Being Human’ comes the mobile application ‘Being in Touch’ from the tinsel town’s famous hero Salman Khan. When will come Being in Search for hunting that sweet and beautiful bride whom the actor is looking for desperately? His restless fans are definitely waiting for his marriage which he so far has uncared for possibly to bring his wonderful acting career to Wuthering Heights. It may be or may not be there would be an iota of good or pleasant thought in his sharp acting mind regarding this vital social obligation.

The fresh mobile application with the name of ‘Being in Touch’ has been proficiently launched by him recently in order to explore a female lead for his next film project.  As it is clearly manifested that the casting and audition are the known traditional ways to pick out new a few acting talents in the Bollywood, the much sought after hero has devised some novel method for choosing an able actress in this time of high-speed deft digitalisation. The detailed information has also been made public.

Just in the same way the humane actor could find his life partner by starting on an application. There will open an unending line of the probable women. Talented ladies would come forward with confidence. If Being in Search is launched there would surely be multitudes of the female applicants vying for the chance. Who would not like to marry the man? stated the anxious fans adding that the hero would himself select his best bride thus. There will be no fuss in this auspicious action. When we were easily getting facilities without any kind of the botheration, there is obviously no harm in selecting a bride through the web application. This even helps one to consider on the ‘person’ about one thousand times.