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Film fans attacked Kirni Sena instead of Karni Sena in Tamilnadu

02, Feb 2018 By sachu

Madurai: Film fans in Tamilnadu beat Kirni Sena pretending they are the Karni Sena who are here to disrupt the screening of the new movie Padmavat. Kirni Sena which is almost similar in name as that of the Rajput film vigilante group Karni Sena faced such horrific situation in the city yesterday.

All cow vigilantes fighting amongst themselves
Fighting going on

“In Tamil, Kirni means muskmelon and we people are fond of it. We like it very much. But they thought we belongs to Karni Sena and started to beat and pelt stones against us.

We tried to convince them but saying Kirni-karni etc only ended up in more trouble. The people thought that we are mocking bicycle bells in such a horrendous situation.” One member of the Kirni Sena who was at the incident terrifically explained to our Faking News reporter.

Mr Murugan the president of Kirni Sena  said that ” we are very friendly people who daily drink 2cups of Kirni juice and watch films and we have no other important works. We are the most responsible citizens in Tamilnadu. But yesterday….” Murugan broke in tears.

He also urged his members to be careful throughout the country to avoid any such incident from repeating.

Rajasthan Chief minister  Sri Vasundhara Raje called her Tamilnadu counterpart Mr Palanichamy to have an understanding of the issue and offered 1kg of Kirnis (muskmelon) to the affected people.