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Filmmaker Shirish tweets- "Happy and Gay"

12, Sep 2018 By alien4dec

Mumbai: During an exclusive interview with Faking News at the famous GayLords Restaurant, Indian Filmmaker Shirish Kunder revealed about his upcoming project which is a film based on Gay relationships named “HAPPY and GAY”. He further said,  “I ‘ve no issues with same – sex marriage being legalised, as long as they don’t make it mandatory, because eventually all marriages become same sex marriages.”

Shirish is a ‘Sex Guru’ at the world famous ‘Playboy Magazine’, where his articles guides many love birds and is breaking the internet regularly, now looking forward to add a lot of spice with interesting sex stories and scenes in his films too. Currently, he is busy casting for the film and producer Karan Johar along with actor Ranbir Kapoor shall do a cameo role aswell in his film which shall be a path breaking scene for the LGBT community.

Shirish also added, “I personally love ‘Rainbow Roses’  and 69 i.e 6th September, is an historic date for the LGBT communities so it should be celebrated as “LGBT = Lets Grow Bushes n Trees” Day. More public should do plantations and increase forests for making love like Adam and Eve. ‘HOLI’ should be declared as the official festival of the LGBT community, since it’s the most colorful festival played with each others lovers. Infact, I have changed my display picture, which was boring black and white to Rainbow color ‘S’ alphabet in support of the LGBT rights.”

“Life is colorful like the Rainbow screensavers of color tv, which I admired always during my teenage days, when programmes were not aired and the only screen saver was seen is Rainbow stripes. I don’t understand why the Arabs wear white gowns while South Indians wear white lungis. I always prefer wearing my ‘Rainbow Lungi’ while driving my Royal Enfield. Infact, coming Sunday, I am even going to change the color of my Royal Enfield bike to Rainbow color.”

Since, yesterday’s historic decision by court, at every traffic signal, now the sale of ‘Rainbow Color Dusters’ have increased for car dusting. Many are seen purchasing Rainbow color umbrellas for monsoon, while Rainbow Wigs have become famous amongst college prom nights.

Hotels and Airlines have declared 69% off for LGBT communities, where as housing societies and corporates are welcoming LGBT groups. Railways have announced to have one compartment reserved only for LGBT community with a Rainbow décor to add to its beauty.

In another breaking news, during this interview, now public are demanding to rename ‘GTB nagar’ as ‘LGBT Nagar’ whereas ‘Andheri’ as ‘Rainbow’ since Andheri is never black, but its very colorful as Rainbow,  as majority of Bollywood LGBT communities stay there. Well, I am personally hoping GOA Tourism shall change their tagline to GAY i.e “GAY = GOA ALL YEAR” !!