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Friends went away all at once

21, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: ‘Oh, let us have the truth. You had not talked to her since the past fifty days. Was that the last time you had told everything to her. You had certainly not—excuse me—had any quarrel with her then?’ enquired the colleague. His spontaneous reply was, ‘Unquestionably not.’ Then what went wrong between both of you. You are though desperate to meet her; she was not presenting any noticeable curiosity in your forward approach. The boyfriend told the colleague ‘Ah, but you see, that September-end was rather unpremeditated. We went down on the spur of the moment.’

His girlfriend was not ready to talk to him as she was not in a condition to express her openly. Aware of the recent developments in regard to her marriage, she was not allowed to go out by her parents. Fortuitously, the wedding was to take place the next week. The boyfriend was deeply frustrated and trying effortlessly to better show a little concern for the girl. Really, though, the girl-friend was much too blunt to be engaged by the boyfriend’s compliant notice seeking stunt. She discerned it very well how much the parents’ blessing was worth.

However, the boyfriend was repeatedly insisting on the detailed conversation with his girlfriend. Therefore, one morning just hours before the marriage rites, he was knocking at the girl’s door. There was a sudden brusque denial from her at first sight as she indicted him for coming. He pointed that was very important. Actually, he has received the order for the marriage ceremony video photography, stated the boyfriend leaning forward. Unknown of this reality the girl was unwilling to meet him. Her beautiful eyes opened wide as she had by now come to know of her eternal goodbye to be video-graphed by her own dear admirer.