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FRIENDS will be launched as M.I.T.R.O.N on NaMo TV

15, Apr 2019 By garuna

In a decision taken today, the all time famous and  evergreen Sitcom series,Friends, will be recreated and  launched as Mitron. More importantly, it will be created under ‘Make in India’ campaign.The Indian version is a story of Six friends. The lead characters are named Jay Tribeni, Roshan Gillore, Chander Bingoi, Reshul Giri, Menka Gillore and Phabia Bafay. This group of friends are closely bonded by the sense of patriotism and they therefore, hang out together at Patanjali Juice Centre. A brief of the 6 main characters is as under:

Roshan Gilloremaxresdefault

Roshan is a professor of palaeontology and  is a multi time divorcee. As a part of his work, he was once able to successfully find out the age of M Karunanidhi by using Carbon dating technique and he considers this as his most famous work. Also, his other famous works include ‘How Nehru is blocking India’s development even after 50 years of his death’.

Jay Tribeni 

Jay is a struggling actor and a pass out of Bhartendu Natya Academy. He is certainly the dumbest in his group hence in his part time work, he appears on news channel as Dr. Sambit Patra.

Chander Bingoi 

Chander is the sarcastic guy of the group who looks like a Chinese and for this reason only, he becomes the butt of all the jokes every time China blocks India’s diplomatic moves in the United Nation.

Menka Gillore

She is the sister of Roshan Gillore. She is hygiene freak and therefore, one of the key contributors of Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan. A chef by profession, she only cooks on LPG cylinders issued under PM Ujjwala Yojna

Reshul Giri

She is a fashion freak and probably the least educated in the group of friends. She is therefore, playing the role of Textile Minister in this series. At one point of time, she was in a relationship with Roshan Gillore but that didn’t work out because Roshan and Reshul were on a break, and during that phase only,she entered into another relationship with Mihir from a different TV series.

Phabia Bafay

An absolute fun loving, Phabia Bafay   is a singer, guitarist, astrologist, masseuse and what not. Owning to her multi skilled personality, Phabia is therefore, the brand ambassador of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna.

The series, which is full of drama, fun and stupidity will be launched next Monday exclusively on NaMo TV, which you can watch through your Jio connection by getting it recharged using Paytm app.