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Game of Thrones Fan Theory: Sardar Khan is the Night King

04, Jan 2018 By GoT GoW

I always believed it and now fan theory proved it. Yes, you saw the heading right. Gangs of Wasseypur isn’t over and Sardar Khan isn’t yet dead. The fans believe he’s playing the role of ‘Night King’ in Game of Thrones.

While everyone was crying over his corpse (beginning of 2nd part) and while Yashpal Sharma was singing ‘Yad tedi aayegi’, there was something about the scene which wasn’t natural. Sardar Khan just can’t die.

Proof: He isn’t dead

Night King in Lust
Night King

Sardar khan secretly moving to Iceland
Sardar Khan

In the ending scene of GoW I, we all saw how 3 gunners roasted Sardar. But while he was lying to ground after his attempt to walk, Manoj Tiwari sang the song – “Jiya ho bihar ke lala”. ‘Jiya’ means live, many people (including me) and the fan theorists believe that this song gave life to Sardar Khan’s corpse again. But instead of going back to Wasseypur, he decided to go to Höfðabrekka, Iceland.

Höfðabrekka is the same place where all the whitewalker’s scenes are shooted.

Secondly, let’s see if you remember what was the theme dialog of Sardar khan. .. Exactly! It was, ‘Goli Nahi Marenge usko… ‘. So he decided to move to north of the wall (or in Game of Thrones plot) because he was simply bored of guns. He wants something .. something like the spear with which he killed Daenerys’ dragon.

Appearance: Both of them don’t have hairs. The attitude of having everything in control. The eyes of lust which in Night King’s case is the lust of death. Spoiler : Many believe that one of the main whitewalkers which Jon Snow killed was Asgar. Many also believe that Sardar found another Nagma Khatoon(baccha janane ki machine) at north of the wall and most of the whitewalkers are his own children.

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