God knows where money was spent!

18, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: She was a caring wife. That was why the husband was demanding the detailed accounts of the monthly expenses. After all, it was required to ascertain whether the money was spent in the right direction. Though this enquiry caused a certain kind of vexation to the well-read wife, a very faint smile passed across her enraged face. Without losing any moment she hastened to promptly bring a diary maintained with the detailed information. While going through the spending tally there was mentioned the mark of ‘GK’ against certain amounts.

Undoubtedly this type of particular indication appeared to the husband like the secret code. He tried to read this covert code with his entire intelligent mind but he was not reaching any definite conclusive end. This was like solving some tough questions of the accountancy paper in the examinations. Although he was sure of his wife’s integrity and honesty in the money matters yet he was sensing some sort of dubious alternative choice in squandering his hard cash. Since it is quite known to the humanity of wives’ ingrained inclination towards saving money or disbursing money on very important item slyly, the observant husband was bound to contemplate in that different way.

In the meantime, his wife was attending the kitchen work and even looking at her husband’s deep engrossment in reading between the lines. Suddenly her stare fell upon his a little bit worried face, she moved on to him for enquiring of this concern. So far the husband has made up his mind to ask about the codified word ‘GK’. Every abbreviation has definite meaning and configuration, so he directly questioned of this complex secret language. This made the wife laugh for a few seconds. She simply let him know it is the short form of God Knows.