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Increased in Hanuman Chalisa sales after release of The Nun

24, Sep 2018 By pm55555

The Nun of the conjuring series  was released on 9th September 2018 .A few weeks after the release of the film the country saw a sharp rise in sales of Hanuman Chalisa. Talking to a guy who saw the movie first day first show.

He said, “I was just casually sitting in the movie hall after drinking a bottle of mountain dew so that I was not afraid while watching the movie.But as soon as the movie started after 10 minutes I was frightened.After watching the movie I could not sleep at night.Even in the office which I normally take 10 breaks a day for a week I did not take a single break.So my mom suggested that I should read Hanuman Chalisa for 10 days. I am ok now.”

Even in flipkart and amazon where Hanuman Chalisa were sold 5 units per year, are out of stock now.