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IT chairman watches "Singham Returns", declares 100 per cent tax exemption on money spent on watching movies at multiplexes

18, Aug 2014 By dippy

New Delhi: In an unprecedented move, chairman of IT K V Chowdary on Friday announced that people would now be exempted from paying income tax on spending upto Rs. 20000 per year on movie tickets at multiplexes.

Before making the landmark decision, the chairman was last heard murmuring ‘aata maazi satakli’ by one of the 12 relatives he had taken to watch the movie at a multiplex in Delhi spending Rs. 200 per ticket.

Rohit Shetty

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who was furious as he was not kept in the loop before making the official announcement calmed down after he was shown a late night show of Rohit Shetty’s latest offering.

Chowdary told Faking News that before lakhs of movie goers remove their shirts and march towards production houses for inflicting torture in the name of entertainment just as the police did in the movie to fight corrupt politicians, this calculated move could help both the cine-goer and the movie producers. Chowdary said the decision was brewing in his mind for some time and it only built up after watching Kick, The Expose, Jai Ho and Herpanti one after another.

A Gujarati businessman from Mumbai, Sanket Mehta, whose blood pressure levels go down if he misses watching a new release every Friday welcomed the decision.

“On an average I watch 40 films in theatres every year and you can ask my wife that I never even miss the national anthem. Considering that I spend at least Rs. 600 behind tickets of every movie, I spend Rs. 24000 every year for watching crap made by YRF, Rohit Shetty, Red Chillies and Sajid Nadiadwala. So exempting Rs. 20000 expenditure does make sense but the government should also consider exempting money spent on over priced pop corn and samosas,” he said.

Both Abhishek Bacchan and Uday Chopra rejoiced the decision and threw a surprise party for Aditya Chopra.

“See bhaiya, now no one will complain about our acting skills as they will be busy attaching tickets with their income tax returns. Also we can always release our movies in the last week of March so that those who are short of spending Rs. 20000 can immediately book recliner seats at multiplexes and watch us doing great things in our Dhoom franchise,” Uday was overheard telling Aditya while Abhishek was spotted dancing incessantly before Jaya Bacchan on the song ‘maa da laadla bigad gaya..’

Meanwhile, a joint team comprising of actors, CAs and two kinder garten teachers are still struggling to explain the entire decision to Alia Bhatt.