Job & wife get parrallel traits

07, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Politicians do not fail to chide the government over lack of jobs for the youth. Their moral attitude is always flawless! But let us not repeat ourselves. This point has occurred on previous occasions too. It cannot be like playing any sort of game. And getting a job is not a game but a ladder to approach the social gravity. But there are a group of people comparing the employment with the wedded wife who cannot be discarded after the marriage. Notwithstanding, after all, job and wife are not the same things. They might be morally exactly the same thing. It is surely the connection occupies our attention adequately.

When the wife threw a glance at her husband with a gasp, he sat down on an uncomfortable-looking Victorian chair and, his pince-nez still awry, leaned forward in breathless anticipation and stared at the moving finger of the huge wall clock confidently. A variety of expressions chased themselves over the preoccupied wife’s somewhat flushed face. He wondered which one wife would single out as appropriate to his analysis. Fear, thrill, shock, uncertainty, confusion over the relationship between the occupation and the wife confused the duo.

They altogether agreed upon the unfairness of second marriage in the presence of the first marriage. In our indigenous society, unlike the western society, the second wedding is tough to handle. It cannot be solemnised easily. If one dares to leave the first job in greed of more perks, the second marriage cannot overtake greed in any way. Another surprising point is that employed individual always finds other’s job better. This is more or less just like the perception which compels to consider over others’ wives always beautiful. This disclosure made his wife’s prominent eyes to goggle at him. She bridled a little and uttered a deprecatory laugh.