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Kangana claims credit in Indian freedom struggle for her acting in Manikarnika, asks Govt to provide freedom fighters pension

15, Feb 2019 By electroman

Kangana who is currently enjoying the success of her recent film Manikarnika is adding yet another feather in her cap. In addition to claiming the directorial credit for the movie, she is now claiming credit in the great Indian Freedom Struggle as well.


She told our Faking News reporter, Since I acted in the film with such utmost dedication, I deserve to be called a freedom fighter. So I want the government to provide me Freedom Fighters Pension.

When the reporter told her it is not right to claim credit for such a great sacrifice by the leaders of our country for just acting, she ranted on about nepotism and left the place. She later tweeted about it hash-tagging Sushma Swaraj, who promised to look in to the issue.

Her sister Rangoli later tweeted in support of her. Incidentally she created a world record for the fastest support tweet. She was even faster than Dhoni’s stumping. It was as if she was waiting to support anything that came from her sister’s twitter account.

Kangana is currently trying to take directorial credit for Mughal-e-Azam, but due to some technical difficulties she is not able to claim it yet. She also claims that the Hrithik Roshan film Mohenjo Daro is historically inaccurate. The costumes and jewellery are all wrong. She claims to have visited the Indus valley civilization during a school trip. Also under her claims section is Vasco Da Gama, whom without her directorial support would not have found the right directions to India and India would’ve never been discovered by the western world.

By the time our reporter finished his article, Kangana has claimed credit for it in her twitter page.