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Kangna Ranaut releases exit polls for National Awards

28, May 2019 By electroman

Kangna has announced the new exit poll results for National awards 2019. Where she is expected to win Best actress for Manikarnika. She is also expected to win the Best director award as well.

When we analysed the full list we realised all the categories had Kangna’s name on it. When asked how she will receive the Best actor award, she told reporters that she will undergo sex change operation for it.kangana-rangoon-3

There were some new categories as well included in the poll. Worst Director under which Karan Johar’s name appeared.Few more new categories included Best newcomer because of Nepotism, Best Celebrity social media feud, Best Psycho Ex-Girlfriend etc.

When we filed an RTI to find out how many people were sampled, we came to know that it was only 2. Kangna and Rangoli. So now fans are eagerly awaiting for the exit polls to come true. Kangna is expected to campaign for BJP in next election due to the same strategy she uses for intimidating people in to giving the result she expects.

Kangna is expected to release the exit polls for the national awards for every year till 2030 by tomorrow evening. All the results are expected to be xerox copies of the 2019 exit polls with year changed using marker. She is also planning to judge the past national awards and revoke those as well. Those actors will be expected to surrender the trophies to Kangna soon.