Karan Johar disguised as female nurse to launch Shahid Kapoor’s second child

06, Sep 2018 By Abhishek Parashar

Wednesday evening came as a blessing for Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput as they were blessed with a baby boy. Mira had been admitted to Mumbai’s Hinduja hospital where she gave birth to her second child.

There were many shocks and surprises which came along. As per reports, lead nurse started humming ‘Kuch Kuch hota hai’ tone seconds before the birth of baby. She turned out to be Karan Johar who had disguised as female nurse, just to launch Shahid Kapoor’s second Child. ‘I always launch star kids. No damn institution or profession can take this right away from me. Why not to introduce them to real world apart from reel world. I did it singlehandedly as always. ’ screamed cheerful Johar when confronted by media.

Perfect to be a star
Perfect to be a star

Between, bollywood fraternity poured their wishes on Kapoor family for this wonderful day. Manish Malhotra, an ace fashion designer and close aid of Kjo came with set of clothes that surprisingly were perfect fit to new born. ‘Though news came as a surprise to me, but I had costumes ready for Jacqueline for her new movie. I grabbed the set and rushed to the hospital. They are hardly covering the toddler any extra than needed.’ said Malhotra giving rest to undue praise he was getting for his simple act of common sense. ‘He and I have always been down to earth in all our endeavors’ double meant Johar while controlling his tears.

However Misha Kapoor, elder sister of new born expressed her disappointment and held Kjo responsible for unwanted delays. ‘I could have got Rakhi gift this year if it was not Kjo delaying the climax with unwanted songs’ she complained. As per reports Kapoor family is planning to name new born Shami. ‘Rocket science used in naming Misha will again be used. This way he will never be confused with Shammi Kapoor and Mohammad Shami’ revealed a close friend of family on assuarance of keeping his name disclosed.