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Karan Johar all set to launch star kids in Marvel's Phase 4 movies

28, May 2019 By eelusiv

Seen firing one of his employees for taking selfies only from the left angle he spoke to us from his Dharma Studios confirming the news of launching star kids in the Phase 4 for Marvel. The front runners in the race are our very own Harshwardhan Kapoor and Sikander Kher.

Karan has exclusively informed us that like Stan Lee he will also have special cameos in all the movies.”I want to be the new face of Marvel. This new era of path breaking cinema is here and we at Dharma will only make it more glamourous.”

Every star-kid to Karan Johar
Every star-kid to Karan Johar

On receiving this news fans of the billion dollar franchise have been seen making up their minds to soon shift to watching DC movies.

Meanwhile Kangna Ranaut is planning a protest against this move.Speaking to us late last night after a busy day of black magic she stated she deserves to be a part of the franchise too. Last heard, they have offered her the role of one of Thors friend,Korg.

The movies will feature item numbers featuring Kajol and Rani Mukherjee. Most of the film’s budget is going to be used on these item numbers due to usage of CGI. They are using CGI to make the actresses look thinner and younger.

Fardeen Khan and Bobby Deol set to make special appearances. Fardeen Khan reluctantly spoke to us over the phone when quizzed upon his upcoming role.he said ,”After my share of classic movies like Prem Aggan and Pyare Mohan, I am excited to join this new franchise.” He was happy being the face of the franchise provided he would not need to show his body. Bobby was unavailable for comments as he was busy DJing in a club in Virar.