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Karni Sena to take charges for movie promotions

08, Feb 2018 By bumbegum

Mumbai: After taking back its protest against Padmavat(i), and accepting the prideful depiction of Rajput warriors, who lost mostly all wars, Karni Sena has been receiving some heavy offers for movie promotions.

In a conversation with Balwant Singh, one of the intellectual speakers of Karni Sena, Faking News learnt about the amount of offers the group has been receiving for promoting movies through protests, Bharat bandd, burning school buses, and threatening directors and actors publicly. Balwant Singh told us, that Karni Sena has received some big offers from top directors of not only Bollywood but also Hollywood industry.

Like-minded discussing the relevant strategies for movie promotions
Like-minded discussing the relevant strategies for movie promotions

”Padmavati, I mean to say Padmavat, owes us atleast 80% of their business. If not for the curiousty we created after taking offence, most of the viewers would have not gone to see this movie. Since we have taken our protest back, after realising that our offence was taken slightly on a higher assumption, we have received some great movie promotional offers from both Bollywood and Hollywood directors. We are currently pursuing this side business. We might consider only those offers where directors glorify our ancestors lost battles in great ways.” quoted Balwant Singh.

On the other hand, Karni Sena has been facing some backlash from people on Social Media, for not giving them enough masala and taking back their protest so early. One viewer said, “We had expected Karni Sena to come back with more vigour, post release. Atleast on some colour Padmavati wore, or maybe the way she talked, or maybe even her unibrow, they should have created at least some fuss around it. It is so disappointing!”

Meanwhile other people are awaiting Karni Sena’s official reaction on diverging career path into movie promotional business.