How could ladies live sans makeup?

27, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A super hit film Mohra’s song, na kajre ki dhaar na motiyo ka haar na koi kya singaar fir bhi kitni sundar ho was quite lyrical but the singer Pankaj Udhaas would never have visualised of its substance coming under women’s analytic scanner. The fashionable women at the present feel it penned down by some miser husbands who might not be facilitating his good-looking wives make their respective faces up. It seems what the husbands desire to prefer natural beauty rather than the cosmetic face. That’s why they avoid spending money on their wives’ makeup. Moreover, the known poet John Keats had written his lines for the natural beauties which go like a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Nowadays the irritated husbands used to spend a lot of money on their wives’ facial cosmetics. Even the expensive parlours have sprung up in every area for this purpose. The women do not feel awkward in availing the benefits from these centres time and again. Without this excursion to the nearby well-furnished make-up parlour, the women do not get the type of salvation that a pious lady secures after taking a dip into the river water. The exposure of women to the beauty parlours is really a big feat for them in the post-independent India.

When the fashion-minded women sung the song in protest against their respective husbands’ thrifty nature, they decided unanimously not to easily agree on any cut of the money received for the face uplifting course. It is surely the perfection of the makeup which prettifies them to a larger extent. It is totally owing to this very reason they turn to the cosmetic treatment of the outer skin of the face that remains always open before others. Understanding this inherent weak point of the women the beauty parlours are flourishing.