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Man in hospital after watching Saavdhan India episode without an Illicit sexual relationship

26, Jan 2017 By eelusiv

New Delhi. Local resident of Delhi, Bharat Kumar Satark, was shocked to the core and fainted after watching an episode of Saavdhan India. His family rushed him to the local Ram Manohar Lohiya hospital when he fell on the floor suddenly while watching TV.

As the account told by his mother goes, she said as usual he was watching Saavdhan India on Life Ok while having his lunch. Eventually as the plot grew, he continued to become restless and was blabbering, “Ye kaise ho sakta hai, ye to real story lag rahi hai” (how is this possible, this seems to be a real story!). Suddenly few minutes later, he had an hysteria like shock and fell to the floor.

A usual episode on Saavdhan India
A usual episode of Saavdhan India

When our reporter, Alert Journalist, inquired the doctor about the condition of Satark, he told that he seems to be shell shocked by what he saw and was in the state of depressional anxiety as his beliefs about this world were then questioned. When he came to senses after 12 hours of treatment, he told our reporter that  as usual as his daily routine went and he was watching Saavdhan India while having his lunch, and as usual was expecting at least two illicit sexual affairs as the main plot of the crime. “But as the story unfolded, it was just a murder for robbery”, he spoke looking aghast. “Who the hell expect them to show that”, “Bhai bina sex story ke Saavdhan India or Crime Patrol kya hai (What is Saavdhan India and Crime without a sex story?). I have been watching these shows for 2 years continuously now, I have never ever seen an episode without an illicit sexual relationship. How can they serve anything else and not cater their core audiences? These people should understand what is their strength, what type of real stories are liked by the viewers”.

When the news reached the CEO of Life Ok, he looked equally bewildered. He ordered a high level inquiry on how an episode like this featured in their coveted serial which was known to show Desi sex stories in the name of crime. He lambasted the writers of the show people who select the real crime stories for showcasing such a non-important thing like robbery and murder. He also assured the viewers that this would not happen again. All episodes would necessarily contain the desired stories.

Meanwhile the doctor has advised Satark Kumar to not watch episodes of Saavdhan India until he is sure about the authenticity of the plots and rather resort to reading Mastram and Desi stories to fulfill the same urges for some time.