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Mock meat is important for global climate change crisis: Taimur Ali Khan

03, Jun 2019 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Mumbai: Taimur Ali Khan has said that the mock meat is good option to solve global climate change crisis. Talking to reporters, Taimur spoke with natural cuteness of a baby, “We all have to act now. Climate change is happening right now.”

Taimur continued, “I understand that recently United Nations has released report about millions of species being vanished due to man made climate change catastrophe. We all hear about increasing number of untimely weather disasters like cyclones, typhoons, droughts. It makes sense to act on reasons of this climate change crisis.”

Sitting in a small chair, Taimur passionately added, “The meat industry is one of reasons for climate change. So I think it is fair to look for options for meat. Scientists have put forward mock meat for its nearly equal nutrient value. So it would be better to look for mock meats if possible.”

Taimur wrapped the press conference after talking about locally available mock meat products and headed for baby photo shoot.