Thursday, 21st November, 2019

Movie fan decided to watch "Black Panther" thinking its a movie about a "black" panther

23, Mar 2018 By astha@20

Ruhi is a big Bollywood movie fan. You say a name of a personality and she is a real life wikipedia about their movies and personal lives. She generates a lot of attention in the mass, specially in Salman Khan fan’s club, when she tells them stories about how really Salman is virgin, and treats girls with respect.

She being a big movie buff goes to theatre every weekend. As she was really busy one Friday, she forgot to book tickets for the Saturday show. She lives in Hyderabad, where getting tickets on the day itself is like Modi bringing a change. She decided to go for a hollywood movie as she had no choice. Ruhi found the name “Black Panther” vey attractive while going through the movies and got excited to see a black colored panther on big screen. She got all set, clicked 15-20 selfies, posted about the same on instagram, snapchat, Facebook and 20 others.

But the world turned upside down for her when she entered the theatre. She found people talking about some “Marvel” and all she knew was marble on floors. She waited and waited and the movie ended but there was no panther, not in any color. She felt like she has been reduced to vagina as she felt cheated by the moviemakers.

She has now taken a pledge that she is not going to watch any Hollywood movie, even if she has to repeat a Salman khan;s movie thrice (she watched them twice before). She learnt a great lesson that day.