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Mumbai returned man being treated royally so that he gives a break in Bollywood

07, Mar 2015 By neerajsharma

Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. The youth in Palam Vihar locality of Gurgaon are excited and celebrating altogether in a different fashion these days. According to our local correspondent one young boy Sandy from locality, who claims to be an Assistant Director in Mumbai,  has returned after 6 months here. All the young boys and girls in the locality are trying their best to impress upon him thinking that he may cast them in his next project.

Goldie, who is a self-proclaimed youth icon of local community and who usually doesn’t talk to anyone because of his dudeness quotient and high standards, is seen talking to him as if they are chuddy buddies.

Sandy’s mother is generous enough in giving assurances to the young boys and girls that she will talk to her son about projecting them in his films. However, that day she came out with him in the evening and surprisingly didn’t ask anyone to bring milk and veggies from the local Vyapar Kendra Market, as she always does.

Dolly, the local hot babe is seen giving hi-fives only in the evening from her balcony as she was unable to come out in a sunny day because of her skin complexion risk.

But, If the reports are to be believed, our Mumbai correspondent claims that when he checked at the given address he found that there is no person named Sandy, Assistantt Director living there. Later, our Bangalore correspondent claimed that Sandy use to live here with his relatives and is searching for an Engineer’s job.

Now after breaking of this story, youths are feeling shattered and betrayed. Monty, another jobless engineer is depressed after the whole episode as he spent around Rs.500 on Sandy’s return bash which he had reserved for half kg of Bhaang Pakoras for Holi celebrations.