Navratri celebrations- Blessing to Salman Khan by Goddess Shakti

31, Oct 2018 By jayprakash s. chauhan

Sources says that the hero of the film Love Yatri, Ayush Sharma gets blessing of the goddess Amba. The producer of the film Salman Khan is also receiving blessing from the goddess.

Appearance of the goddess

Maa Shakti appears before them. She thanks them for promoting Garba on international platform. Bless them for spreading Indian culture in the western world. Of course, credit goes to Salman, Ayush & the actress Warina Hussain.hqdefault

Special blessing to Salman Khan

In addition, she gives special blessing to Salman. She says, within a year you will marry the world’s most beautiful girl. I assure you, all your desires will be fulfilled in the time to come. All your movies will be hit. Furthermore, she inspires him to make films on such religious themes.

Salman is now happy. He is planning for new films. Films that can be released on vijayadashmi, Diwali & Holi. Even movies based on kite festival, which can be released on Uttarayan.

The prime minister on Navratri

The Prime minister is well known for writing Garba song. In fact, he is a writer & admirer of number of bhakti songs. Thus, he too gets the blessing of goddess Shakti.

Garba on Airport

Its first time in history. Garba Mahotsav on airport. All the staff members in traditional dresses. An eye-catching event.

Next Navratri

Next Navratri, they are planning a new event. A special Garba in a flying plane. Garba in air. Thus, making the event really international.

In Ahmedabad

Few of the Navratri organizers are over enthusiastic. Instead of throwing flowers on the Garba players, they throws CDs. However, the CD strikes the eye of a child and thus child gets injury.

 The goddess Shakti is proud of the women of India. In fact, they involves themselves in Garba for hours. Even up to three o’clock in the morning. But, they cannot work for these hours. Neither at home nor at office. For instance, they always complain about back pain, pain in the legs or headache.