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New Year Resolutions demands a fictional status like Unicorns

05, Jan 2018 By burabandar

‘Tell me of one person who diligently has made sure to work on their New Year Resolutions beyond the 31 days of January’ the cry of anguish rips through the Despacito laced 31st night of December! This is not fiction, but a reality, albeit of a character that has stronger fictional score than that of the Yeti’s foot.

Meet New Year Resolutions, mine & yours that are as fresh as the morning dew on the 1st January & then never get to see this beautiful world. By unofficial accounts, more than 99% of New Year Resolutions have a lifespan less than that of a Mayfly. The rest 1% belong to oversized star kids trying to work on their debuts (or in case of Bobby Deol & Jackky Bhagnani re-launches).

‘New Year Resolutions is under depression. It feels it is real but it knows it is not, yet it wants to be a reality to its Unreal reality. Each year, it is celebrated in myriad forms across the world. Even Santa Claus has manifestation in look-alikes, but not her, the New Year Resolutions’, quips Bas 5 Min Yaar, another always heard never seen beast from fruitless conversations.

Despite her various forms, Hitting the Gym is the most notoriously over-abused avataars & considered the resident deity of wealth for Gym owners across the globe. It is likely that this group is going to vociferously protest if resolutions are indeed officially declared to be fictional.

NYR feels she should have a zero-expectancy fictional lifestyle like the unicorn, everyone’s desires for them, but nobody believes they will ever get them. NYR, on the other hand is self-goal in self-expectations & her repeated year after year failure has led to acute depressions. To the point that no longer it is asked or boasted off publicly now. & if boasted off, not taken seriously.