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One day prior to Kabali release, office-goers begin "coughing" incessantly

20, Jul 2016 By gayupotter

Chennai. With the most anticipated movie release just around the corner, office-goers from the city of Chennai prepare themselves with incredibly absurd leave excuses. People’s acting skills were put to test as HR managers walked into cubicles of incessant coughs and sniffs.

Rajnikant movie release: Time when half of Chennai need sick leaves
Rajnikant movie release: Time when half of Chennai need sick leaves

An IT employee from a prestigious global IT company (who of course did not want his name disclosed) stated, “I have always watched Rajni movies FDFS! So I was well prepared this time. I informed my boss two months ago that my cousin would be getting married sometime in July. As soon as Kabali release date got fixed, my graphic designer buddy prepared a fake wedding invite for me. While informing my boss, I ‘accidentally’ attached the invite in the e-mail to ensure that he did not get suspicious.”

Some others, on the other hand, fell prey to last minute insanity. Another office-goer said, “I brought around 10 tissue papers today and made sure my fake coughs filled my manager’s auditory canal!” Others decided to actually catch a cold by getting wet in the mild drizzles in the city.

But how many managers are buying this? A Faking News reporter got in touch with a HR manager who said, “My colleagues underestimate me. I can see right through their devious schemes. In fact, I’ve created a separate folder titled ‘Creative Leave Letters’. I’m going to make a mind-blowing listicle with this and become really famous some day!

Another manager said, “I do hope Rajni Fever is an acceptable leave excuse in the future! This is getting to be quite tiring”

So what’s your excuse this Friday?