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Parents' rigidity upgrades son's grace

03, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What the parents expect most from their wards is their better percentage of the marks in the examinations. But excessive use of the advanced electronic gadgets by the youngsters prevents them from showing deep interest in the books. Oddly enough they have almost forgotten the tendency of self-studies that’s why their convergence at the coaching centres remains in large numbers. Sometimes, they are seen taking tuition for every subject. This reduces the very efficacy of the class in their respective schools.

When one parent asked his son of his progress report, he very gently responded about his marks touching ninety percent. This was definitely a total far more pleasing than their expectations. The parents lauded the son in many ways. The mother was particular more contented with her son’s accomplishment. Soon the staggered father read the son’s report card which carried a total of forty-five percentage marks. This revelation instantly enraged the father very much.

Realising the approaching storm of the father’s fury, the clever son almost immediately thought out of an idea which was sufficient to placate his furious father. He continued that the illustrated percentage was only half of my gained marks in the final examinations. The remaining percentage would add into the mark sheet just with linking of the Aadhaar card. Hearing this basic point the father became speechless and moved forward for his office.

The mother was also awe-stricken with this ingenuity of his child. One day they decided to something which their son could not have visualised. They discussed everything with his only son in detail. The son later agreed with his parents’ considerations. He believed if they have already decided for his bright future, he should accept it with all the poise. Years later he was seen administering the oath of a minister by his older parents.