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What if PC declares finally

17, Aug 2018 By shakeel ahmad

When ould Priyanka spoil her film career for marriage? Marriage for the Desi girl is as important as continuing her film career. Her preference for the Hollywood film Cowboy Ninja Viking opposite Chris Pratt might have forced her to walk out of Salman Khan’s Bharat. Would she fancy spoiling her fabulous film career for marriage?

Famous as Desi girl she has nearly chosen Nick as a life partner though she was desperately concealing the ring in her jeans pocket. Whatever should be told about her wedding plan, she was supposed to announce something in the ongoing month. A very popular pair has announced nuptial day. What goes wrong if Pee Cee also takes the initiative in the same way. Indications were directing towards marriage plans but a concrete decision is yet to come.

Nick Jonas indicated positively by expressing his thanks to those wishing him happy engagement. He looked a little bit more open and expressive in hinting at the final wedding plan of his life. The rest will come from Priyanka in ensuing days. Why she has selected an American groom can be a hot topic. If Priyanka is 36, Nick is 26 at present. If she is a pure Indian, he is strictly American.

The American singer Nick desires Priyanka Chopra because her encounter made a decisive impression upon him. He was keenly or impulsively inclined in favour of whatever the ladylove wishes. He was pulling out all the stops when it comes to currying favour with the dearly loved. For her, an American partner is suiting most.

Besides Bollywood and Hollywood, even Duchess Meghan Markel was reportedly dying to be a bridesmaid at their nuptials. However, Priyanka appeared to be the mediator like Valentine and Nick remained a mediated subject matter like Proteus of Shakespeare’s ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona.’