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Priyanka Chopra is not a saint

08, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Famed actress Priyanka Chopra stunningly asked, “Do I look like a saint?” I was in a very serious relationship. But since almost a year I have been single”, said she in an interview with the glossy magazine Filmfare. By these words, she has revealed her relationship status to everyone. Obviously, how could she be without that experience at her fully grown age?

What has she spoken of definitely connects with that phase of her life she has been passing through pompously. Just at this point of popularity, she was not available in Bollywood for acting, so there seems less chance of her past connection with an indigenous male. She might have been associated with foreign foppish being.

Since she has not disclosed that only guesses and assumptions would surround her personality following approval of liaison a year ago. She certainly would have met a bunch of people and gone out with them in previous years. However, who was that lucky person was yet to be known by investigative minds.

The Quantico actress spends time with a lot of Hollywood names and concentrates eyes on the Grammys has also made it clear that she is presently not in right frame of mind to enter into a relationship up till now. She has been following single status for the reasons she knows aptly well. She has centred her full attention on the foreign assignments.

Owing to this motivation, she has preferred to avoid sober matters related with the pounding heart. Her revelation about the relationship status can also be a message. However, she has also said that her mind has not exploded for a fresh initiative in that direction. Nature has secured everything with a ledge life. We do not have to be surely confined to the unacquainted ways of our intellect.