Progress comes with novel notion

15, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Generally there used to be set up a lost-found post during the fairs crowded with the visitors. Where there is a heavy crowd there is not everything in quite perfect order. A crowd has no mentality. It needs to be controlled. Whosoever gets stranded by the trusted companion in the surging crowd somehow happens to reach this designated counter?

This exclusively remains the easier and safer arrangement for any urgent worse situation. But with the constant changing setting in every aspect of our modern life brand, new things are coming out day after day.  In light of such situation, the lost-found centre is losing its vehemence.

Suddenly a man reached near a young woman. As his arrival was so spontaneous she could not understand this sudden development. Before she could follow every point of the matter the man himself started saying that there was no need to be panicky as he approached her simply for her immediate in one urgent matter.

But the woman thought she was not conversant with this man. Then how could she extend her help to him? Absorbed into such contemplation the woman remained entirely silent for a few minutes. Looking at her face the man consoled her by saying that what he required at the moment was merely a few minutes’ conversation.

This was again a big trouble for the scared woman. Collecting enough confidence and courage she asked the man, “Why do we indulge in talk?” Thereupon the distressed and disturbed man answered that his beautiful wife had been lost in the crowded fair teeming with the mankind. “Oh!” sighed the woman and agreed to converse. But she again shot a query, “how would our discussion help?”

The man clarified that his wife did not fail in finding whenever she happened to see him talking with another pretty woman.