To prove their nationalism, Virat and Anushka to have highly publicised second Honeymoon in India

26, Dec 2017 By RT

New Delhi. The newly married couple of less known Anushka Sharma and lesser known Virat Kohli had no idea that the entire India talks about nothing else but their marriage, soon after the news broke out. To respect the sentiments of billion plus people, the couple has decided to have a highly publicised second Honeymoon in India, it is learnt by Faking News.

"We are in Shimla"
“We are in Shimla”

Normally rich people have a grand wedding in India, heavily publicised, inviting all friends, families and neighbours. And then the couple disappear to an undisclosed foreign location for honeymoon, suitably keeping that as a secret and private affair. But, couple like #Virushka, as fondly called now, do the exact opposite. For the reasons completely unfathomable for a common Indian, some celebrity weddings are kept highly secretive.

“We know that ‘PK weds VK’ has become the tagline of the country until the 2G judgement came out. There have been questions and comments regarding the nationalism and the spirit of India that #Virushka exemplify because of their marriage venue and the honeymoon venue in Europe. We want to set it right and will have a highly publicised second honeymoon in India” Virushka through their respective spokespersons told Faking News.

After #Virushka has decided to have the honeymoon in India, as many as 125 hotels from all parts of the country are in touch with the PR teams of the celebrity couple. The hotels are extending offers in the tune of a few crores, for the couple to have their honeymoon, enjoying the unmatched hospitality in their premises, it is learnt by Faking News.