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Ranbir Kapoor rejects script and calls it controversial as it demands him to be present in a wedding scene after Sangeet ceremony

17, Jul 2019 By parthib

In a shocking incident,actor Ranbir Kapoor did not only reject the script but literally kicked a young director out of his house after he narrated a scene in which the male lead (Ranbir) attends his friend’s wedding till the end.

Speaking to Faking news, the devastated young director said,”Initially it was like a dream-come-true moment when Ranbir sir gave me an appointment to hear my script. He greeted me well and showed excellent hospitality initially. He seemed to be totally enjoying the story until we arrived at the fateful scene”.ranbir

He continued,”As per the story,the hero Raj attends his friend’s wedding in Kolkatta after which he meets a girl in train on his way back home and falls in love with her. I narrated the sangeet ceremony in which he dances for a colorful song. He looked absolutely normal till this point. So I moved on to the mehandi ceremony in which Raj participates full enthusiasm. Now I could see his face stiffening. Then the next day,the wedding happens. Everyone gathers at the hall,the bride and the groom comes to the stage. Now I noticed Ranbir sir’s face was slowly turning red. He was cracking his knuckles. Though I sensed something wrong,I went further on to the end of the day when the newly weds happily head to the groom’s house in a car and Raj waves at them happily. That’s when a strong,stingy slap fell on my face followed by a series of kicks and punches all over my body”. He wiped his tears off.

Ranbir spoke to us over a phone call explaining his side of the story.

“First of all,the lead of the story was a youngster who goes to an IT job to make a living which is quite new and unrealistic to me.That was the first red flag.He was not a singer, he wasn’t rich, he wasn’t a traveler,wanderer,nothing. He is just a bloody normal person. Can you believe me playing such a stupid role? But I accepted and let the guy narrate further. Then the wedding scene came. The song which I sing and dance for in sangeet doesn’t have a long humming piece for Arijit which alarmed me  and it was the second red flag. But my rage went out of control when he said I have to be present in the wedding scene all three days. Damn it. And, even then I did not pounce on him immediately. I asked him to tweak the story that I meet the girl on my way to the wedding and for some reason she breaks my heart that happens in sync with the pundit breaking coconut for a ritual and then I leave. But he did not listen. That’s when my suspicion became true that he was sent by some forces that try to destroy my market.In Kabira,I leave. Jogi Magi, I leave. Channa mereya,I leave. Every single wedding song,I leave. I will continue to leave. It is my secret of success. Anyone who tries to destroy my success will be destroyed”. He said before he hung up the phone.

Now the director is under treatment and he hopes to recover faster. When asked of his next step,he said he shelves this controversial script for now and plans to narrate another story to Arjun Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. But this time,he plans to meet them both only over Skype as he is unsure how the lead pair will react when they get to know that the story needs the lead pair to be really expressive and acting.