Wednesday, 1st April, 2020

Rangoli to get Dog of the Year Award (DOTY), after vigorously defending Kangna on her every rant

24, Apr 2019 By electroman

Rangoli, the ever so loyal sister of Kangna will be bestowed the coveted “Dog of the year” (DOTY) award. This is being awarded for her vigorous defence of her sister Kangna. It is very hard to find a faithful sibling nowadays. She was in tough fight with many of the other nominees. Our Defence minister who was defending BJP instead of our nation. Sambit Patra who was defending the loose remarks by BJP members 24x7x365. And a few yogis all around India defending the government while selling kirana as well.kangana-ranaut-with-sister2

Even the AIADMK party was not able to buy this much support even after distributing crores of rupees in Tamilnadu. But Rangoli was so diligent in supporting her sister on every tweet and media statement she made. She will pounce in the direction Kangna points to without asking questions. When reporters approached Kangna’s residence to get a few statements, they found Rangoli tied outside the gate. She started to growl immediately and only let people inside when they said Karan Johar down down.

Instead of taking her sister to a good Psychiatrist, she keeps on feeding her sister’s ego with constant support. The sisters are planning an attack on the National award jury in case they don’t select Kangna as the best actress. In fact they are demanding Kangna to be selected best actress in advance for the coming 20 years including best director awards also for all the directorial credits she has stolen and yet to steal.

Kangna’s next film will be a psycho thriller. Which is basically a documentary on her day to day life. She was so much of a psycho that she demanded royalty from the producers of the movie “Psycho”. A online petition was started to ask the Bollywood producers to take her to a good hospital before dumping more crores at her house.