If Ranveer, Deepika would name their son Randeep, I would be really happy- Randeep Hudda

16, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

What could Deepika and Ranveer name their son? Thought Randeep Hudda while sipping coffee and reading the headlines. He took a pen and paper and started scribbling various combinations of joining two words together.

He started off with a feminist thought and scribbled ‘DeepVeer’. Flipping the paper anticlockwise and reading it with all accents he lately practiced. It’s not a good thing to be a feminist when things are not sounding good, he thought and chucked on.

Couple thinking over this
Couple thinking over it

Scratching his head even harder, he then came out with a fairly girlish name “Ranika”. They could keep this if a girl happens, whose chances are equal to of a boy, but the name sounds very retro.

So does his thoughts of thinking a boy name only. He spiraled into introspection and blamed DNA.

The big puzzle next to Sudoku seemed easier to him as time passed and out of the blue, two drops of inspiration came down his forehead and fell on “Veer” and “Ika” of the two words simultaneously like a bollywood movie tearing of the paper leaving just one word on the table.


He stood up with pride as people do during the national anthem in theatres and Gave roadies salute to his own sense of humor and word making abilities.

He immediately thought of it as a fashion label “Randeep” as he thought the SEO would do really great after the wedding.

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