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Revenge of Alia

11, Feb 2019 By electroman

We all know that people once trolled Alia Bhatt for being dumb. That was a time when she was very young and naive. she even played along with the act and made an AIB video as well. But now she is all grown up and wants to take revenge. Now that she has hooked up with Ranbir, she wants to take revenge against the people who have trolled her and her beau.

Alia Bhatt thinking more ways to fool people around
Alia Bhatt thinking of more ways to fool people around

How is she planning to do that? Now she has imprinted on people’s mind that she is very cute and innocent looking, she can execute her long awaited plan of taking the revenge on the Indian people. It is not a process of going to individual’s home and harassing them or hurting them. She is planning to rob the people in broad daylight and making them suffer very slowly and unknowingly.

She has started advertising for specific brands. Products that are very very costly for a middle class family. Caprese handbags, online jewellery, Garnier, Maybelline etc. If Times of India newspaper has 90% ads, Alia is in 95% of all the ads. She will use her natural or artificially acquired beauty to endorse useless and costly products. She will sell make up products by the day and be selling make up remover by evening. Recently she is pushing the Sunfeast dark fantasy, which has only 6 biscuits in a huge box.

She is living the perfect revenge life she dreamed of. She is getting rich by a gazillion Rupees and Indian people end up with shitty products in their hands. Who’s dumb now?

We also heard Mira Rajput has tried the same model but was caught red handed. When people called her दादी for having 2 kids by the age of 23. She became so furious and started selling anti ageing cream, but people were smart on that and nipped it in the bud.