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Russo Brothers planning 3rd release of Avengers Endgame, which will have post credit scenes featuring revival of Abhishek Bachchan's career

22, Jul 2019 By electroman

In a bid to overtake Avatar’s box office collection, the Russo brothers are planning a second re-release of Avengers Endgame. This time they have added additional post credit scenes to the movie. The post credit scene features Ironman’s snap reviving Abhishek Bachchan’s career. Abhishek then goes on to make Drona 2.0, Consequently the character joining the Marvel cinematic universe.

This has led to all the Abhishek fans to throng the multiplexes all over India in the hundreds waiting in queue for the tickets. It was the same case with his international fanbase as well.

Also we see Nick Jonas travelling in to the future and meet Priyanka Chopra in Lovestory 2050. He comes back to current timeline and divorces her._106082735_mediaitem106082731

Loki’s disappearance is also explained in the post credit scene. He is the reason behind the deflection that caused England to get  6 runs that fateful overthrow.

Meanwhile Kangna has sued Robert Downey Jr for nepotism and male chauvinism. She and her faithful sister are angry that Ironman is favouring only men’s career. Since there is “man” in every super hero name. She has asked the Supreme Court to replace the “Man” with Kangna in all the comic books and movies. Soon new movies like Iron Kangna, Wonder WoKangna, Ant Kangna, Super Kangna and Bat Kangna will be released.

Also the end credit scenes has Salman fans asking Dr. Strange if Sallu Bhai’s movies will ever have a story. He replies, I’ve looked in to 14 million alternate future possibilities and didn’t find a story in a single one. They are delighted to hear the news.

When asked if the snap can revive Arbaaz Khan’s career, the directors said not even the infinity stones can bring his career back to life.