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Saif Ali Khan gets inked ‘Main Taimur Ka Baap Hun’!

24, Apr 2018 By alien4dec

Mumbai: When Saif Ali Khan had tattooed his ladylove Kareena Kapoor Khan’s name ‘Kareena’ on his left hand, it had become a huge discussion of tinsel town. Back then the duo was dating and whenever he flaunted his tattoo, the paparazzi never missed to capture it.

After Kareena and Saif’s first child Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi was born, many must have assumed that the father might now get his baby boy’s name inked. It’s true that Saif has got inked again on his right wrist but it’s not Taimur’s name. Want to know then what it is?Saif-Ali-Khan-in-Race-2

It’s no secret that our media including Saif and Kareena are obsessed with Taimur Ali Khan. But this was the best surprise package today morning when Saif posted his new tattoo ‘Main Taimur Ka Baap Hun’ on social media and shocked the Bollywood aswell as media.

Speaking to our Faking news correspondent Sara, Saif expressed his grief and said, “I am going through a midlife-career crisis and for attention purpose, I wanted everyone to look at me the same way media looks at Taimur. Today I am known as Taimur’s father rather than Taimur my son. Media and Bollywood lost interest in me whereas Karan Johar has signed Taimur Ali Khan for his next film ‘Student of the Year’ part – 3, since Taimur’s first words were not mamma or papa but ‘Bollywood’ and here I am struggling visiting producers office for some small role in their film”.

“Media and Bollywood has totally side lined me, they publish Taimur’s perfect airport looks to holiday pictures. Even he is affected by the media’s limelight and starts posing for the paparazzi. Media is so obsessed with his chubby-cheeks that they keep kissing Taimur every now and then, whereas not even a single girl gives me a flying kiss ever since the birth of Taimur”.

“I feel sad, lonely and suffering from identity crisis, so this was the best option available to get myself tattooed ‘Main Taimur Ka Baap Hun’ for making people and media aware that Prince Taimur is born out of my genes and I am Taimur’s father. He is not a film which was released in Bollywood but my son who was born to Kareena. I urge media don’t ignore me for Taimur”.

Before concluding the interview, we asked one last question to Saif: Where do you see yourself in next 10 years?                                   To which Saif replied: We are stuck in the age of Taimur, so I see myself in next 10 years, outside Taimur’s filmset, asking him to cast me in his film.

It was really sad to see Nawab of Pataudi  lost his royalty to Chote Nawab of Bollywood – Taimur !