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Salman Acquitted from the case of Blackbuck, says not everyone's luck suck

19, Jan 2017 By ShreyLock

(Bail)pur, Rajasthan: In a welcoming decision for die-hard Bhai fans by Bailpur Court, Salman is acquitted of all charges under Arms Act Violations Case. The court passed a judgement that it was one of the blackbucks who committed this heinous crime.

Salman in "being PETA"'s brand ambassador
Salman Khan in “being PETA”‘s brand ambassador

In an amazing turn of events, the case took a 360 degree turn when the Judge said that he accepted Salman’s plea. This was after the judge got a dream about the same incident last night. He went on to say that in his dream, the blackbuck started narrating the incident occurred that day beginning with a heated argument amongst the three of them where he & the other two blackbucks were arguing about whether Aishwarya will marry Salman or not! When the argument turned violent, the blackbuck hit (read killed) & ran. Further he added that he shot himself  too after this as he was aware of the fast-track and rigid judicial system of the country. He knew that he would be severely punished if he was caught later on & hence suicide was his only option. The black buck jumped over Bhai’s jeep which was passing by, snatched the gun from his hands and shot himself dead.

In-fact, the judge also added that the Blackbuck said in his dream not even to consider Salman as a culprit in this case, as he was “BEING HUMAN” and was about to catch him and hand him over to the police if he were alive for killing the other two blackbucks.

The Judge being a firm believer & a follower of his dreams (literally) has made this landmark judgement in favour of Salman Bhai.

In other news, Siddhu who was initially furious with this judgement, which has taken away all the limelight from the “Born Congressman later calmed down. He also expressed this in his usual  way:

“O Guru, Har parvat pe Mani-Manek nahi hote, Har Hathi ke maathe pe Mukta-Mani nahi hote,

Har Jungle mein Chandan ke ped nahi hote, Aur Desh mein har Koi Salman Bhai jaise Khushnaseeb nahi hote..”

Also our correspondent was able to get Bigg Boss fame Swami Om’s opinion who criticized the Court’s judgement and said that the Judge was also involved with ISI and had decided to file a case against him.