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Salman Khan acquitted: Bhai fans declare Independence Day

18, Jan 2017 By Aman Rana

18th January, Jodhpur: Bollywood star Salman Khan has been acquitted by the Jodhpur High court in the Arms Act case that had been filed against him back in 1998. He was also charged for hunting and killing of Chinkara and black bucks.

Policeman presents an apology for filing a case against bhai
Policeman presents an apology for filing a case against bhai

Jodhpur Chief magistrate Dalpat Singh has given benefit of doubt (read cash) to our very own “Bhai Jaan” because the forest department was unable to produced enough proofs (read dollars) against him.

After today’s hearing, there is a wave of joy among the citizens as the faith in money has been restored after 2 months. Post demonetization, this was the only incident which has confirmed that the power of money is still intact and people shouldn’t beat their head over it.

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has shown her happiness to the media after today’s hearing. Among other celebrities, arijit singh is worried about his future plans in Bollywood now.

Bhai fans all over the world are going to celebrate independent day on the occasion of bhai jaan getting acquitted. One of the fans also told us “bhai jaan ne kuch nahi kiya. Sab kejriwal ki chaal hai. Bhai zindabaad.” He also went on to say that he will be celebrating the day by eating biryani and going out for a drive after having 2 pegs. Bhai roxxx!!