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Salman Khan confesses to not having watched Game of Thrones; (finally) put behind the bars

29, Jun 2016 By Sudhanshu Chopra

Mumbai. What road-rash, poaching, bad movies and sexist remarks could not do over decades, a fantasy series did in a jiffy. As the popular series Game of Thrones aired the final episode of Season 6, Bollywood actor Salman Khan created ripples in the country when he confessed soon after that he does not watch the show.

The actor was attending a Being Human event when a kid from the audience asked him which character from Game of Thrones he liked the most. The actor got emotional and after finally finding his voice back replied, “Of all the things I have done, the only one I regret is not watching Game of Thrones”, and left the stage.

Salman Khan regretting over heinous crime of his life, of not watching GoT
Salman Khan regretting over heinous crime of his life, of not watching GoT

The audience, including the media,were left in utter shock. Soon after, Vinay Malik, a social worker, filed a case in the local court against Salman for hurting the national sentiment irrevocably. Considering the urgency of the issue the hearing of case was fast-tracked and a non bailable warrant was issued against the Bollywood star.

Things took an interesting turn when the actor offered no resistance in return and willfully surrendered at the nearby police station. When asked what made him do so he said, “I must pay for my sin”, and was taken away by the police and put in a high security cell.

Meanwhile, following the revelation, there has been a huge wave of disappointment and anger in the country. Salman’s fan following has taken a serious hit, and there are hardly any Bhai supporters strutting around, defending him.

“This time water has crossed the mark. I feel ashamed that I considered him my Bhai”, said a tearful Chandu, who remembers Salman’s every dialogue by heart, and even writes poetry on him, while being an ardent Game of Thrones fan.

“I had to choose between two of my favourite things. And I have made the right decision”, he added.

Salman’s charity Being Human has also suffered with donations drying out instantly. Being Human t-shirts are being burned all over the nation, and bracelets thrown away. Producers and directors have also expressed concern over Salman’s ongoing film projects. Social media is ripe with Salman bring trolled and insinuated.

While this reaction from people has clearly established GoT’s undisputed authority in the country, as a brand, a pennant Salman is yet to hire a lawyer for defence.