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Salman Khan does not like this rule of Big Boss, said - I have to think about this

30, Sep 2017 By Aman Yadav

The countdown has started for a knock on Big Boss’s small screen. On 11th October the 11th season of this show is going to knock on the small screen. There was a press conference for the show in which the show host talked to the media. When he was asked what he expected from the participants, he said that do not just do misbehave.

After this, he told the composition of the show’s format and said that the show’s compulsion After this he spoke on the show rules and said that I do not look just the same thing as the first week’s elimination because by then all cannot know each other. So I think it should think about it.

Salman Khan is taking 11 crore rupees to host an episode of this show. According to media reports, he has become the world’s number one actor for charging so much money for an episode. This is the 11th season of Bigg Boss, Salman is hosting this show over the last several seasons. Well, Priyanka is not behind the earning issue. Forbidden Lead in American TV Show, Forbes ranked him 8th in the world’s highest-earning list of earning money. The names of people who joined this time in the Big Boss are slowly emerging in the media.