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Salman Khan to play Salman Khan in Salman Khan biopic

15, Apr 2018 By MRP

It is the season of biopics. Biopics are being made in hordes, of right from superheroes, deservedly, to all and sundry. It is not a surprise then that a biopic of Salman Khan is on the cards, especially given the new twist in his life, that of his prosecution.

However, there are a few deviations this time from the usual model of Bollywood biopics. Instead of a regular Bollywood actor playing the role of the real-life hero in the biopic, in this case, Salman Khan himself will play the role of Salman Khan. There are a few reasons for this though. One is that Salman is a professional actor himself. Secondly, Salman feels that no one can do justice to the role, other than himself. Thirdly, he knows exactly what he did, when he did what he did and how he did what he did. He alone knows the emotions attached to each of his life’s events as well as the logic behind them.

Salman Khan being taken to Jodhpur jail where he will finalize the script for his biopic
Salman Khan being taken to Jodhpur jail where he will finalize the script for his biopic

The deviation in the model goes a little further, in that the director of the biopic is going to be Salman Khan himself. Asked why so, Salman explained, “Arrey Bhai, it is my life story. Why should some one else direct it. Don’t I direct my life? Then why not the story of my life?” Salman has also written the script for the movie. And he is going to give it the final touches during his stay in Jodhpur.

Sources close to the star disclosed under condition of anonymity, a few things about the story. Some changes have been made to the real story just in order make things interesting and to keep Salman’s fans and supporters inside and outside Bollywood happy. In the biopic, in the Mumbai pavement driving case, the driver is someone other than Salman Khan. Salman doesn’t even have a driving licence, so how can he be driving? Nobody dies, Salman helps the slightly injured, takes them to hospital,  pays for their treatment and they become his ardent fans. Chinkara and black buck are not killed at all. Salman does not even know how to handle a gun, let alone fire one. On the other hand, the beasts themselves attack an innocent Salman and others. Brave Salman saves himself and his friends, taking utmost care to not harm or disturb the animals. He reveres these animals just like the Bishnois who treat them like Gods. The animal friendly Salman is extra careful through out the incident because the Chinkara and black buck are endangered species.

Reports say many bigwigs of the Bollywood are running head over heels to play a role, however small, in the Salman Khan biopic, in order to show solidarity towards the man himself. Bollywood has happily agreed to use ‘Andha Kanoon’ as the title of the biopic.