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Salman Khan to pose nude for PETA

22, Jan 2017 By alien4dec

Bandra: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals) is a world-renowned animal welfare organization known for its great work of helping fight against cruelty of animals across the world. But besides that what PETA is equally recognized, if not more, is for its various global campaigns that include famous celebrities from the world of cinemas, modelling to sports who pose naked or near to nude to highlight and bring to light the cause PETA is fighting for.

As soon as PETA, got the news that Salman Khan is being acquitted in black buck case, they signed him as the brand ambassador of PETA to help fight cruelty against rats by the Indian railways.

Salman Khan ready to fight for animal rights
Salman Khan ready to fight for animal rights

Speaking to faking news using his virgin brain, Salman Khan said, “Protecting rats of India is a special privilege for me. Rats and humans have a lot in common. We both dig the earth to make a home for ourselves. We both possess and display greed when it comes to collecting material wealth or food. We both remain completely oblivious to the fact that one day we need to die, and instead we try to prolong our age, greed for name, money and fame. Rat is a symbol of fertility, so I am confident, we Indians will one day break this record of population explosion and beat even China. I am as virgin as Sunny Leone and want to be inspired by rats to breed like them. So, in short as per my analysis basically rats are humans with tails. Rats have great significance in Indian mythology too and so now I have become the “Bhai of Rats” and supporting PETA to protect them”.

Further he added, “At Kurla station, many rats have burrowed holes under railway tracks, weakening their strength, and damaged the underground signalling system of the railways leading to the delay in arrival of many local trains and someday could be fatal too, leading to train accidents but Indian railways are so cruel, they have hired Pest Control of India to kill innocent rats. I feel they are not just rats but they are as loving as pet cats”.

“So, me and my auto rickshaw driver fans of Bandra have taken an oath to save rats in India. Anyone who adopts a rat will get one free ticket of my next film “CHUIA” to be directed by Shirish Kunder.  Infact, I am soon gonna change my ngo name also to “Being Chuia”.

“Just like how my films are script less, I write senseless tweets, been shirtless in past so now to support PETA, I am going even bottomless. Initially, I was scared but then I had consumed Revital capsules for vigor and confidence and even Aamir Khan inspired me through his PK performance. PK also represented PETA in past”.

Aamir Khan too gave a short byte to faking news and he mentioned, “I love my PETA shoot. I was playing original PK without the tape-recorder in the advertisement and I like to flaunt my sexy looks, why should only Vin Diesel have all fun. I prefer to go naked than wear fur”.

Well, entire cinema world and Bhai’s fan are eager to see Sallu’s nude advertisement for PETA including me.